Tej Pratap Singh

Android / iOS and Full Stack Web Developer

Alandi, Pune, Maharashtra 412105

(976) 235-2***

[email protected]



To build something so popular that someday, I can say "I made that".


Catalyze Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune — Member Of Technical Team

July 2015 - PRESENT

A product based company making software for doctors. Made 2 Android, 2 iOS and 2 Web Applications.


MIT College Of Engineering, Pune — B.E. Computer Science

2011 - 2015

Bachelor's degree from Pune University, First Class.


MyOPD ZIPAndroid/iOS/App Engine

Power of MyOPD desktop suite compressed for mobile. (myopd.in)

XpenseTag Android/iOS

A tag based expense tracking app. (xpensetag.com)

MyOPD WebAngular/App Engine

A web app designed for doctors who work in a poly clinic.

MyOPD Desktop Companion  Android/iOS/App Engine

MyOPD desktop companion to let doctors see a summarised view of patients history. (myopd.in)

InvesysWebApp (MEAN Stack)

An investment advisor firm, the app consists of a website, user dashboard and admin dashboard to make things easier for the advisor as well as the customer. (invesys.in)


App to connect local vendors to their trusted customers. (getponto.com)


Link AnalyticsWeb App

Create a short link and track its analytics. Links can a simple URL shortener or Pixel tracker for images.[demo]

The List JobWeb App

V 1: Simple API based app created with LAMP stack.

V 2: App created using MEAN stack. Now, all data including movies, celebs and videos are stored on my server.

V 3: Angular (1.x) was being deprecated, I switched to React and Parse server with SSR and as a PWA.



A robust library to create PDF in Android using basic android views. [github]


A simple DIY  library to generate your own custom Calendar View using RecyclerView. [github]


Google deprecated their native Android library for Google Drive, implemented one using REST API’s. [github]

App Engine Proxy ServerApp Engine (Java)

Proxy server for API. (some services limit requests per minute per IP address (req/min/IP), this app helps bypass that.) [github]

HTTP Client Testing ServiceApp Engine (Java)

A simple service to print components of request. Useful as Oauth Redirect Url inside native app. [github] [demo] [inspired by]


Code, Movies and Code for movies.


  1. Mobile
  1. Android
  2. iOS
  1. Frontend
  1. Reactjs
  2. Angular 1.x
  3. PWA
  1. Backend
  1. Nodejs/Express/Next
  2. Firebase
  3. App Engine
  4. Parse Server


Java, kotlin, Swift, Javascript


Firestore, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, sqlite, Realm, Redis/memcached